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Ezio Foppa Pedretti founded the company
Ezio Foppa Pedretti made his dream come true and, at the age of just 18, founded his company specialised in woodworking: Foppapedretti first started out making toys.
Its first outdoor furniture was a picnic set
In the early 60s, with the economic recovery linked to the reconstruction after the damage of the war and the launch of small runaround cars, the fashion for Sunday picnics began. Ezio Foppa Pedretti jumped on this trend and created the first wooden picnic sets, which consisted of a case containing a table and 4 folding chairs made of solid beech.
Mallorca outdoor collection
Also in the early 70s, residential gardens began to be furnished and once again Ezio Foppa Pedretti responded to market demand by creating the first multifunctional garden furniture made of natural and white lacquered beech and painted with two-component paints which were resistant to water and UV rays. The MAIORCA COLLECTION was born: sets of tables and chairs which were simple, yet highly practical.
Bar and garden chairs: Cortina collection
At the beginning of the 70s, with the opening of recreation areas such as bars and restaurants with spaces also outside, Ezio Foppa Pedretti met the needs of this constantly evolving market yet again by creating the first folding chairs and combined tables: the CORTINA COLLECTION. This was outdoor furniture, made of natural white and walnut-coloured lacquered beech. The company produced 800 pieces a day and adopted resistant paints for outdoors for the first time.
Panama Collection: the first extendable outdoor tables
In 1976, the first extendable tables were added to the outdoor furniture, enabling people to dine in larger groups: the PANAMA COLLECTION was launched, making its debut at the International Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile) in Milan, an important furniture event attended by Foppapedretti for several years. Foppapedretti then began exporting throughout Europe, becoming a leading company also in Belgium.
Idee Giardino collection
The experience of making outdoor furniture leads to innovative research based on the treatment of solid beechwood, to make it extremely resistant over time. The wood is properly seasoned, protected and then varnished with a three-layer cycle, finished with a lacquer which is resistant to various weather conditions and atmospheric agents. The lacquered white colour gives a unique elegance to the IDEE GIARDINO collection, which became iconic in the Nineties.
Iroko collection
Garden furniture changes its look: IROKO, an African wood used for centuries especially in the nautical sector, due to its resistance, also becomes the key feature for elegant and sophisticated outdoor furniture. Only a large company highly specialised in woodworking could design such a unique, original and exclusive collection.
I Preziosi collection: iconic garden products
In 1982, the demand for greater sophistication and design led Foppapedretti to create the I PREZIOSI collection, with products that have become iconic, such as the Ametista chair and the Topazio table. These again were made of white-lacquered beech, using weather-resistant medium density wood for the tops. For the first time, an immersion step on raw beech with an impregnating resin in loose pieces was added to the primer and finishing lacquer to improve its resistance.
Plein Air collection
Elegance in the open air: with the PLEIN AIR collection, designed by the famous architect Giandomenico Belotti, space takes on brand-new and surprising shapes through outdoor furniture with an exclusive and sophisticated design. The key feature is European acacia wood, coming from certified forests, processed as always by our efficient and expert craftsmen in the innovative factory in the region of Bergamo.
The Il Giardino Segreto collection
The IL GIARDINO SEGRETO collection was created under the new Foppapedretti Atelier brand, designed by the Talocci Design studio in Rome. Outdoor furniture with a functional and innovative style, clean lines where new resistant materials are combined with FSC-certified ash wood and stainless steel.