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The Collection

The Ezio Foppa Pedretti project is a tribute to the founder of Foppapedretti and includes a line of high-end furnishing products, both dedicated to the outdoors and indoors, where Iconica is the first collection of outdoor furniture.
Design, Made in Italy, top quality and eco-sustainability are the key words for this outdoor furniture revival where wood is still the unmistakable protagonist of the Iconica collection. It has been skilfully crafted to give tables, chairs, sunbeds and sofas a highly elegant and exclusive look.
The modern design with rounded lines is designed to adapt to any outdoor environment, whether a portico or attractive terrace.
Made in Italy and top quality are always guaranteed, stemming from almost eighty years of wood crafting experience. Eco-sustainability: the products in the collection are designed to be long-lasting and made of high-quality certified ash wood sourced in Europe and protected with water-based varnish.
The Iconica collection consists of 15 complementary elements to create settings in which to relax that adapt to a wide variety of needs.
Ash wood

Top-quality ash wood sourced in Europe with a water-based varnish finish, FSC® (License Code FSC-C004369) certified.
The FSC® Chain of Custody certification guarantees that the FSC® certified products are made of material sourced from FSC® responsibly managed and certified forests, recycled materials and other controlled sources.

HPL tops

Decorative high pressure laminate panel consisting of:

  • 70% cellulose fibre from paper, or recycled paper, produced in accordance with international chain of custody schemes and certified by FSC® (licence code FSC-C119591) and PEFC (licence code PEFC/18-32-19);
  • 30% heat-curing resins that comply with international safety requirements and are, therefore, free of asbestos and heavy metals and do not emit gases, vapours, solvents or liquids.
Water-based varnish

Eco-sustainability is not limited to the use of FSC-certified wood, but also concerns every aspect of the product and production, guaranteeing safety not only for the ecosystem, but also for the workers who contribute to making our collections. This not only respects the environment and people, but also ensures high quality and attention to detail for customers.

At our highly innovative production site in the province of Bergamo, for decades we have chosen to use a non-toxic water-based painting cycle. This is an economically demanding choice, but one that guarantees a drastic reduction in harmful emissions into the environment, the utmost safety for operators, a guarantee of non-toxicity for the consumer, and the recovery and reintegration of paint residue.

The painting production process involves four steps:
  • First, a stain is applied onto every individual disassembled piece of wood in order to protect the interlocking points as well;
  • Then, two coats of primer are applied, again on each individual disassembled piece of wood;
  • Afterwards, each individual piece of wood is sanded;
  • Lastly, the final coat of the finishing colour is applied which creates a gloss effect on each individual piece before drying and the final assembly of the product.

100% acrylic fabric with a Teflon® finish that makes it stainproof and repellent to water and oil.


Dryfeel® S made of polyester open cell foam which facilitates the passage of humidity for better ventilation and breathability. Treated against bacteria and fungi.